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Why is it you can put two individuals dealing with similar challenges through the same process, yet one ends up thriving at work while the other stays stuck?

This is the puzzle anyone leading teams in the return to work or employment space struggles to solve.

But in our experience, if you’re running out of road with employment goals still hopelessly out of reach, it’s not that you’re failing to find the right answer. You’re trying to solve the wrong problem.

A medical one.

MOMENTA HQ: the cure for the medical-only model

When the gateway to work is a doctor’s door, it’s easy to get trapped in a process focused on resolving the medical issues. But it’s often the non-medical barriers that slam the brakes on progress – usually a lack of confidence or motivation.

MOMENTA HQ’s evidence-informed communication training helps your frontline staff uncover what’s really going on for the person sitting across the table. With the right method and tools in their back pocket, any member of your team can identify and dismantle roadblocks and build an individual’s confidence and motivation to make the path to work simpler, faster and less stressful.

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Say goodbye to guess-work with GetPrepGo

You wouldn’t think an app this clever would be so easy, but with GetPrepGo your team is just 6 questions away from pinpointing someone’s motivation and confidence and quickly receiving data-driven, science-based recommendations for creating progress.

And its use of positive psychology means it supports individuals to get themselves unstuck. It shares tips directly with them, and helps shrink barriers into road bumps.

Keen to learn how GetPrepGo makes portfolio management and resource allocation easier and scalable?

Make your training dollar work harder and stretch further

MOMENTA HQ’s tailor-made, expert-led training packages are scalable and offer excellent value. But the real savings are ongoing.

Getting people back or into work sooner has financial impacts you can measure. Lodging fewer claims lowers your insurance premiums. Satisfying your job placement KPIs helps secure government funding. That’s real money you can’t afford to leave on the table.

Plus, unlike a tick-a-box course, we know our method actually works. Everything we teach has been stress-tested and proven in the real world, across multiple sectors and with great results.

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A bunch of experts
working for better

Combining research from medicine, positive psychology and change theory, MOMENTA HQ was founded to help organisations overcome the failings in the medical-only model and build an in-house capability for getting people unstuck on their path to work.

We’re a small team, but by pooling our expertise and sector experience, we punch well above our weight, achieving impressive results for organisations of all shapes and sizes across the globe.

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With a long history of getting big results for organisations across the insurance, human resources, disability and employment sectors, MOMENTA HQ is, at its heart, a group of people who are working for better.

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