We’re about working for better

MOMENTA HQ is what happens when you combine expertise in medical research, positive psychology, behavioural science and change theory.

That all sounds kind of nerdy, but we saw an opportunity to turn our collective knowledge into know-how. To take cutting-edge theory and boil it down it into applicable skills that are simple (and fun) to learn.

With a long history of getting big results for organisations across the insurance, human resources, disability and employment sectors, MOMENTA HQ is, at its heart, a group of people who are working for better.

Meet the experts

Dr Clive Hume

Dr Clive Hume

What do you get when you mix three decades of medical expertise, a dash of Tiger Woods, a sprinkle of Steve Jobs and a healthy dollop of Monty Python? You get Dr Clive Hume.

Clive kicked off his career as a cardiac RMO at University College Hospital in London before working in general practice, emergency and occupational medicine.

Calm, level-headed and a good listener, these days he’s a professional juggler, balancing roles as senior ED doctor at a regional hospital and cardiac unit doctor at a private hospital in Adelaide with his work at Momenta HQ.

Beyond his valued medical input, Clive is also chief of the “techy stuff” (he once developed very clever software to assist in calculations of Permanent Impairment in the workers’ compensation area, so he’s the obvious choice to be our IT department.)

Clive’s amateur golf career was cut tragically short by injury, but he did get a hole in one (twice!). When he’s not indulging in classic British comedy, you’ll find him project-managing his home renovation or enjoying some well-earned family time.

Carolyn Mounce

Psychologist, consultant, author, trainer, speaker, coach, board member and part-time intrepid traveller – Carolyn Mounce is going to need a bigger business card.

As our positive psychology expert, Carolyn brings the social component to the table. A 25-year career leading and consulting to teams across business and government has shown her how everyone can benefit from being in good work.

A passionate deep thinker who takes her work seriously but herself lightly, Carolyn’s sense of empathy is her superpower. She’s been a CEO, written a book on return to work, delivered keynotes at large conferences and once had a private audience with the Dalai Lama, yet helping people turn the boat around on their personal journey into work takes pride of place on her list of career highlights.

A lifelong adventurer, Carolyn loves bushwalking, is a vegetarian gourmet and loves hanging out with her rescue dog, Buddy.

Carolyn Mounce
Dr Paul Pers

Dr Paul Pers

With a childhood dream of becoming an airline pilot, and a first paid job driving a taxi, you could argue it’s Dr Paul Pers’ destiny to get people moving.

Known for having a fire in his belly (but being too nice for his own good), Paul has spent over three decades as a GP, trainer, teacher and examiner, gathering the medical expertise he now lends to Momenta HQ.

Passionate about learning, Paul has a knack for translating medical knowledge into applicable and easily absorbed training. His time acting as medical advisor for Workcover SA also opened his eyes to the power of conversation within that setting. His philosophy: if you spend enough time listening, the answer will come.

Fluent in Hungarian (and very nearly in Italian), Paul says his family provides the colour in his life. Other interests include travel, sport, and whisky tasting (egészségedre!)