Simplify the path to work with GetPrepGo

They say the longest journey starts with a single step.

But it helps if you’re facing in the right direction.

6 steps to data-driven enlightenment

We designed GetPrepGo to help your team quickly assess where someone is at on their path to employment, using a quick, six-question survey to predict their motivation and confidence levels.

Armed with science-based, data-driven recommendations, your teams can select the right strategies to support like groups of individuals, making portfolio management and resource allocation easier to manage.

Empowering people to unstick themselves

GetPrepGo puts individuals back in the driver’s seat on their employment journey.

With the ability to set goals, celebrate successes, reframe challenges and cultivate positive self-image and a growth mindset, users enjoy an uplift in confidence and motivation levels, helping them create their own progress.

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