Turn knowledge into know-how

We can all point to a time when a single conversation made all the difference in how a situation turned out.

Cutting-edge theory you can actually use

Imagine what’s possible when you have the know-how to use influencing tactics, conversation techniques and interpersonal skills to consistently create positive change.

  • That’s what MOMENTA HQ’s evidence-informed training offers your teams. Our courses draw from our collective expertise in medicine, social and positive psychology, behavioural science and nudge theory to help your staff:
  • Resolve back to work issues and claims faster and with less stress
  • Change and influence outcomes for the long-term injured, ill or stuck
  • Reduce costs and improve your bottom line
  • Maximise the value of your training dollar
  • Support your staff and unify your team
  • Build stronger connections with your clients, customers and staff

The feedback we consistently hear from our clients is that the way we deliver our training makes it easy for teams to apply what they’ve learned, even that same day.

Tailor-made training

MOMENTA HQ has helped organisations of all shapes and sizes build their in-house capability.

Unlike typical one-slide-deck-fits-all courses, we deliver bespoke, expert-led training designed to address the specific issues your company faces.

Face-to-face sessions can be held at your workplace or venue of choice, making access and scheduling easier to coordinate.

Skills that stick

Most professional courses run just a day or two before the trainer walks away. Short timeframes mean any takeaways are destined to lay forgotten in the second drawer of your desk.

Building know-how is like building muscle; it takes sustained bursts of concentrated effort, repetition and daily application to make it stick.

That’s why MOMENTA HQ puts a focus on continuous learning, offering a range of course delivery options to suit your team’s unique needs and learning styles, including:

  • On-site training
  • Microlearning
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Team leader packs

By combining delivery methods and encouraging participants to put their new skills to work right away, the methods and tools your team absorb quickly become the “that’s how we do things around here” across your organisation.

The difference is in the delivery

Knowledge and skills gained through face-to-face sessions are further reinforced with MOMENTA HQ’s online microlearning.

It’s delivered in bite-sized portions. Every month you’ll receive a 15-minute module with recaps and actionable techniques specific to your company. Self-guided and scalable, courses are easily extended company-wide, driving up the return on your training investment.

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With a long history of getting big results for organisations across the insurance, human resources, disability and employment sectors, MOMENTA HQ is, at its heart, a group of people who are working for better.

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