With the right tools in your back pocket, you’ll break down barriers and connect with your client. It makes the path to work simpler, faster and less stressful.

2 sessions by 1.5 hours

Empowered Communication was designed with you in mind. Over two short sessions grounded in the latest research in medicine, psychology and science, we share practical tools that boost skills and improve win-win outcomes.

You’ll find new solutions to the challenges of difficult cases, including simple tools that can be applied to a whole portfolio. Activities and case studies deliver easy to implement tactics so you can adopt with certainty. Your newly found knowledge will turn into immediate know-how.

Session 1: Foundations of empowered communication

  • Introduction to empowered communication
  • The science behind influence, nudge and behaviour-based claims management
  • How people make decisions and the key to supporting others
  • Explore the common communication styles of different personality types

Session 2: Empowered communication to drive results

  • Using personality types to work with difficult clients
  • How questions guide others and influence thinking
  • Tactics to reduce barriers and resistance. Tactics to empower and build confidence
  • Problem solve cases for immediate application.
  • Communication tips and language for phone, email, SMS and letter.

Cutting-edge theory you can actually use.

Tailor-made training

MOMENTA HQ tailors workshops to suit the unique needs of your organisation. We’ve helped organisations of all shapes and sizes build their in-house capability.

Everything we teach is stress-tested and proven in the real world, across multiple sectors and with great results.

Face-to-face and virtual sessions are held at your venue of choice, making access and scheduling easy to coordinate.

Want to know how MOMENTA HQ can make your team experts in having conversations that move people? Call us on 1300 787 092 or email us at contact@momentahq.com.au